About Saxman


We serve the tribal people of Saxman to create a healthy, secure, educated and self-reliant community, while nourishing our traditional values, our tribal sovereignty, our natural environment and the wisdom from our way of life

  • Haa Aaní:
    Our Land: Honoring & Utilizing our Land - Our ancestors, who have lived in this land for more than 10,000 years, taught us that everything has a Spirit. When we utilize our resources, we must acknowledge the Spirits of the Land, Sea and Air and tell them the benefits that their use will bring to our People. Our ancestors protected the ownership of our land for their children and grandchildren just as we must do for future generations.
  • Haa Latseení:
    Our Strength: Strength of Body, Mind, and Spirit - The “Way of the Warriors’” path is to achieve physical and inner strength.  Above all, young men and women are taught to protect and to care for their families and clans.  They are taught to seek truth and knowledge and to adapt to changing times while maintaining the integrity of our ancient values.
  • Haa Shuká:
    Past, Present, and Future Generations:Honoring our Ancestors and Future Generations - We maintain strong bonds with our ancestors whom we honor through our lives and in our ceremonies. We also have responsibilities to our future generations, and we must ensure that we protect our land and culture for our children and grandchildren and those who will follow them.
  • Wooch Yáx:
    Balance: Social and Spiritual Balance - Wooch Yáx must be maintained to ensure social and spiritual harmony lest ill will goes wandering and causes harm. Wooch Yáx governs:

    Interrelationships between Eagle and Raven clans
    Interrelationships between the Tlingit and others, including tribes, nations and institutions

How We Serve Our Citizens

The Organized Village of Saxman offers program and services through Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

Tlingit Cultural Value

We are Stewards of the Air, Land and Sea

- A káx yan aydél wé tl'átgi -

Tlingit Cultural Value

Be Strong and Have Courage

- Yee guaa yáx x'wán -

Tlingit Cultural Value

Live in Peace and Harmony

- Wóoch een kayéix yáx nagatee -